Adoption Assistance Program

In keeping with our commitment to continually enhance our family-orientated benefits, effective July 1, 2012, the University of Chicago is offering an Adoption Assistance Program. The University is committed to seeking out benefits offerings that support members of the University community at each stage of their career and contribute positively to their quality of life. The Adoption Assistance Program is intended to financially assist benefits eligible employees who seek to become parents through the legal adoption process. This financial support will help defray expenses related to the medical, legal and administrative costs associated with adopting a child.

 A through description of this benefit is available in the Adoption Assistance Program Policy. The following guidelines are applicable to this benefit.

  •  The University offers regular, benefits-eligible employees financial support to help defray adoption expenses up to $5,000 per adoption (and $10,000 per lifetime) for qualified expenses, per household.
  •  Qualified adoption expenses are reasonable and necessary adoption fees, court costs, attorneys' fees, and other expenses directly related to, and whose principal purpose is for, the legal adoption of an eligible child.
  •  An eligible child must be under age 18 (unless a special needs adoption), not be of the employee's spouse, University-Registered Same-Gender Domestic Partner or Illinois Civil Union Partner and not be part of a permanent family.
  •  90 days prior to placement/adoption of an eligible child, a "Notice of Intent to Adopt" must be submitted. This notice must include a written statement from the adoption agency indicating the anticipated date of placement, anticipated date(s) of travel, and estimated adoption costs.
  •  Within 90 days following the placement/adoption of an eligible child, a copy of itemized bills, receipts/cancelled checks for each expense and paperwork that demonstrates that a legal adoption has been finalized must be submitted with the application.

 Please note, there are several steps you may need to take in relation to your benefits when you become a new parent. If you are a medical, dental or vision plan participant, you may wish to increase your coverage to include your child. Visit for details on how to make your changes. All changes must be completed within 31 days of the child's adoption date.