Dental Plans

The University of Chicago offers a choice of two dental plans, the MetLife Dental PPO Plan and the MetLife Dental Copay Plan.

Regular visits to the dentist may do more than just brighten your smile - they can be important to your overall health. Many diseases produce oral signs and symptoms. Both of the dental plans provide coverage for preventive care, basic care, major care and orthodontia.

Choosing and personalizing your benefits depends on your specific dental care needs, budget, and the type of plan you prefer. Under both plans, you are free to visit any licensed dentist you choose. You can compare the two plans to determine which one best suits your dental needs.

The dental plans offer a large network of contracting providers to choose from when dental care is needed. To find a preferred provider, visit or call 800-942-0854. Reference the "PDP Plus" network.

Cost of Coverage

You pay the full premium for dental coverage based on:

  • The plan you choose and
  • The coverage level you choose (yourself only; yourself + spouse; yourself + child(ren); yourself + family)

Your cost is automatically deducted from your paycheck before income taxes are withheld. The premium may be adjusted each year.