Medical Plans

The University of Chicago offers four medical plans for 2014.  

The University of Chicago offers two different types of medical plans to choose from, a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan and three HMOs (Health Maintenance Organization) plans.  You can compare the four plans to determine which one best suits your medical needs.

A PPO provides true insurance for the cost of medically necessary treatment for illness and injury, while maintaining your freedom to choose providers.

The HMOs reduce medical care costs by keeping you healthy and managing the costs that are incurred by monitoring your care and limiting your choice of providers.

Medical Plans Offered

Pre-Existing Conditions

None of the plans offered by the University have a pre-existing condition clause. This means if you have a medical condition prior to enrolling in a plan, the treatment for that medical condition is covered provided that the particular services are covered and plan provisions are followed.

Cost of Coverage

You pay a portion of the premium for medical coverage. The University pays the majority of the cost. Your cost is based on:

  • The plan you choose;
  • The coverage level you choose (for example, employee or family);
  • Your annual salary; and
  • Whether you are a Full-Time employee or a Part-Time employee

Your cost is automatically deducted from your paycheck before income taxes are withheld. The premium may be adjusted each year.

Women's Health FRiends & family program 

All Maroon Plan and UCHP medical plan participants can receive care from top specialists in women's health through the University of Chicago's Women's Health Friends and Family Program. This program offers convenient, quality obstetric and gynecologic care. Visits are centrally located at the Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine. To get started, call 773.834.7999 or email  Additional information about this program can be found under Related Documents.