Vision Plans

Eye exams are an important part of your overall health. The University of Chicago’s Vision Service Plan offers two options: Base and Premier.


  • Comprehensive coverage, including eye exams and discounts on eyewear.
  • A large network of contracting providers to choose from when vision care is needed.

Using Your Benefit

  • To find a VSP doctor or an affiliate provider, visit or call (800)877-7195. Reference the "Choice" network.

  • At your appointment, tell them you have VSP. There's no ID card necessary. If you would like a card, you can visit and print your personalized member vision card.

New for 2021! EasyOptions

Select one of five upgrade options (VSP Premier Plan):

  • Additional $75 retail frame allowance OR

  • Additional $75 elective contact lens allowance OR

  • Anti-reflective coating covered in full OR

  • Photochromic lenses covered in full OR

  • Premium progressive lenses covered in full.

Cost of Coverage

You pay the full cost for this vision coverage based on:

  • The plan you choose and
  • The coverage level you choose (yourself only; yourself + spouse; yourself + child(ren); yourself + family).

These rates are effective January 1, 2021.

  Base Plan Premier Plan
Yourself Only $7.49 $14.48
Yourself + Spouse/Partner $14.98 $28.94
Yourself +Child(ren) $16.44 $31.76
Yourself + Family $26.27 $50.74