Commuter Benefits (Qualified Transportation Program)

Effective July 1, 2016, HealthEquity(WageWorks) is the Commuter Benefits Administrator.  You can make your commuter elections by visiting the HealthEquity(WageWorks) website at

The University offers benefits-eligible employees the opportunity to pay for certain commuting expenses with tax-free dollars.  HealthEquity(WageWorks) administers the benefit plan.  Participation in the program is voluntary.

There are different components to the commuter program from which you can choose based on how you commute to work.

  • Ventra Card if you utilize the services of the CTA.
  • Mass Transit if you utilize the services of METRA.
  • Parking expenses if you park in a facility away from your work location.  If you pay to park in a University lot and the fee is deducted through a payroll, the expense is tax-free and you do not need to sign up for this benefit.
  • Vanpool allows employees that live and work near one another and share similar schedules to form a group for commuting in one vehicle that conveniently gets them between home and work.  Employees share the cost of the vanpooling with one participant designated as the primary driver.

Enrolling in the Qualified Transportation Program

Please visit HealthEquity(WageWorks) website or call 877.924.3967 to enroll in the plan.  HealthEquity(WageWorks) will communicate your elections to the University to begin the appropriate payroll deductions.