About Us



Compensation develops, coordinates, evaluates, and advises University staff on activities associated with job classification, pay, and performance programs. We are available to assist departments in recruiting, retaining, developing, and rewarding all staff employees at the University of Chicago. In partnership with departmental administrators and hiring managers, our staff ascertains the University’s staff (non-academic) compensation needs and develops strategies to address and fulfill those needs by accomplishing the following:

  • Providing advice on evaluating and classifying new and existing positions appropriately, making informed pay decisions, and modifying organizational structures;
  • Monitoring the University's position in the market with respect to pay, and
  • Monitoring and maintaining the University's non-union staff classification system.

Our Compensation staff also shares their expertise on a variety of compensation- and human resources-related topics by performing the following:

  • Providing advice regarding employee rewards and recognition, annual performance reviews, and flexible work options;
  • Interpreting University compensation-related policies and procedures;
  • Interpreting and communicating relevant federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and
  • Providing training on compensation-related matters.

Standardized job descriptions for non-union staff positions found on campus are available within the UChicago Career Planner website for employees of the University.