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302 - Job Descriptions

Subject: Job Descriptions (formerly 301)

Section: U302

Date: February 2015


To establish a standardized process for documenting the roles and responsibilities of positions within the University. Job descriptions inform role expectations.


All positions must have a job description which accurately describes the essential functions, job-related qualifications (i.e., experience, education, and functional competencies), FLSA exemption status, working conditions, and mental and physical requirements. The job description template provides a consistent format for summarizing a position and provides a common platform for the job evaluation process. Job descriptions are the foundational elements used in the following processes:

• Job code and title review - determine the appropriate job code and title assignment

• Job evaluation – begins with job code and title review, FLSA exemption review, and includes alignment of base pay with level of role and scope of responsibility, leveraging both internal peer and external market data to inform decision process

• Recruitment – provide guidance for candidate evaluation and selection

• Training – identify growth and development opportunities, and

• Performance appraisal process – define expectations of role and provide basis for evaluation.


1. The manager should partner with the employee to author and review the job description for accuracy and clarity.

2. The Human Resources Partner, in conjunction with the manager, are responsible for updating job descriptions as necessary to ensure they accurately capture the position's purpose.

3. The HR Partner will use both Workday and UChicago Jobs beginning on January 5, 2015 to communicate new and updated job descriptions to HR-Compensation. Job descriptions are required for all requisitions submitted through UChicago Jobs.

4. It is best practice to review the job description as part of the annual performance dialogue, and update as the role evolves. This gives both the employee and the manager the opportunity to address any questions and align on the role and expectations.

Employees represented by a bargaining unit may be governed by the appropriate bargaining unit agreement.