Child Care Program

The University of Chicago is pleased to announce its first child care center, UChicago Child Development Center. Child care managed by Bright Horizons, for the children of faculty members, other academic appointees, staff, students and postdoctoral researchers at the University of Chicago ages 6 weeks to 5 years of age. This center is designed to meet the child care and educational needs of young children, while maximizing learning and ensuring safety. The Bright Horizons experience encourages children to be confident, successful and lifelong learners. In each classroom, teachers will provide a stimulating environment for learning and development.

BRIGHT HORIZONS - Early Education and Preschool Programs

  • Infant: Great Places for Babies program is designed to provide a warm, welcoming environment where your baby can thrive and grow from a bundle of joy to a bundle of curiosity.
  • Toddler: Growing World of Toddlers curriculum uses hands-on exploration and social interaction to help your child learn about the world in a safe and engaging environment.
  • Preschool: Builds upon established foundations for learning while focusing on the children's newly emerging and advanced use of language, mathematical reasoning, and scientific thought.

Additional information including Enrollment Interest Forms and a FAQ can be found on the University of Chicago Child Development Center website at: