Enroll in the Plan

Benefits-Eligible Employees are eligible for coverage under the LTD Plan. Participation is voluntary and you may waive coverage.

  • Within the first 31 days of your employment or benefits eligibility, you will be defaulted into the election for Basic LTD coverage and by visiting Workday@UChicago, you have the option to:
    • maintain the Basic LTD coverage;
    • elect the Optional LTD coverage (in lieu of the Basic LTD coverage); or 
    • waive all LTD coverage.

No evidence of insurabilty is required for the Basic or Optional LTD coverage if elected during this 31-day period.

  • If you apply for coverage under the Basic or Optional LTD Plan after the 31-day period, you must complete The Sun Life Financial's  (Sun Life) evidence of insurability process.  Coverage is not automatic – Sun Life must approve your application for coverage. If approved, the coverage goes into effect as of the date stated by Sun Life in its approval letter.

In both cases, you must be actively working on the date coverage begins. If you are not, coverage will begin once you are actively working as determined by Sun Life.

If you are a benefits-eligible member of Local 743 or are otherwise classified as a confidential clerical employee, and do not elect coverage under the Basic or Optional LTD Plan, you will automatically be covered under the Basic LTD Plan as of the date you have completed 90 days of continuous employment.