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Anderson, Cicely Employee Development & Engagement Specialist Human Resources (773) 834-7345 cicelya@uchicago.edu
Arroyo, Estephany Benefits Specialist Human Resources (773) 834-4661 arroyoe@uchicago.edu
Bacos, Christmas Senior Human Resources Business Partner Human Resources  


Betts, Rachel Manager, Employe/Labor Relations Employee/Labor Relations (773) 702-4716 rachelbetts@uchicago.edu 
Brown, Andrew Senior Compensation Analyst Compensation (773) 702-6586 andrewbrown@uchicago.edu 
Carlton-Tahiri, Alia Senior Talent Acquistion Consultant Talent Acquisition  


Castro, Daisy Human Resources Coordinator Human Resources  


Ciocca, Corinne Manager, Retirement Programs Benefits (773) 702-9357 cmciocca@uchicago.edu 
Desormey, Keith Benefits Specialist Benefits (773) 702-6889 kdesormey@uchicago.edu
Diffay, Mylah Manager, Employee/Labor Relations Employee/Labor Relations (773) 702-3963 mdiffay@uchicago.edu 
Espinoza, Xaviera Senior Benefits Analyst Benefits (773) 702-4026


Evans, Dana Retirement Analyst Benefits (773) 834-4847


Fox, Christina Manager, Human Resources Strategy and Operations Human Resources (773) 834-6418


Francis, Morrel Compensation Associate Compensation (773) 834-5294


Frank, Connie Workday Benefits Analyst Benefits (773) 834-0950


Grant, Ashleigh Leave Analyst Benefits (773) 834-8774


Grant-Pinder, Shontay Manager, Human Resources Business Partner Human Resources (773) 702-5256


Halm, Nicole Leave Analyst Benefits (773) 702-2017 nicoleh1@uchicago.edu 
Harris, Hayley Chief Human Resources Officer and Vice President of Human Resources Human Resources   Click Here for Centers of Expertise
Hedges, Amanda Senior Human Resources Business Partner Human Resources  


Hyman, Samantha Senior Analyst Compenstation & Performance Management (773) 834-1292 shyman1@uchicago.edu
Idziak, Brian Senior Talent Acquisition Consultantq Talent Acquisition  


Izaguirre, Jackie Benefits Specialist Benefits (773) 702-7361 jizaguirre@uchicago.edu
James, Will Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant Talent Acquisition  


Jones, Felicity Compensation Analyst Compensation  


Jones-Bethley, Rhonda Senior Retirement Analyst Benefits (773) 702-5298 rjones@uchicago.edu
Leibsker, Brett Assistant Vice President of HR Employee/Labor Relations (773) 834-2657


Moseberry, Maya Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant Talent Acquisition   talentacquisition@uchicago.edu 
Newell, Nancy Business Administrator Benefits and HR Operations (773) 702-4701 nnewell@uchicago.edu
O'Connell, Sheila Manager, Health and Welfare Benefits (773) 702-2947 soconnell1@uchicago.edu
Odem, Rucker ELR Senior Consultant Employee/Labor Relations (773) 702-2318 rodem@uchicago.edu
Peterson, Ellen Senior Human Resources Business Partner Human Resources   epeterson4@uchicago.edu 
Popa, Susan Assistant Vice President of Leadership and Organizational Development Human Resources (773) 834-8763 smrivan@uchicago.edu
Preciado, Jasmin Compensation and Performance Analyst Compensation & Performance Management (773) 834-5294 jasminpreciado@chicago.edu
Sankey, Marcus Benefits Specialist Benefits (773) 834-2799 marcus@uchicago.edu
Smith, Lindi Manager, Compensation & Performance Compensation & Performance Management (773) 834-3513 lindismith@uchicago.edu
Spring, Heidi Manager, Talent Acquisition Talent Acquisition   talentacquisition@uchicago.edu
Swanigan, Deven ELR Senior Consultant Employee/Labor Relations (773) 834-0137 swanigand@uchicago.edu
Reddington, Sarah Benefits Specialist Benefits (773) 834-1560


Vazquez, Sylvia Supervisor, Health and Welfare Benefits (773) 834-1977


Walls, Elizabeth Executive Director, Health, Welfare and Retirement Benefits (773) 702-9822


Whittaker, Bailie ELR Specialist Employee & Labor Relations  


Willard, Alexis Senior Compensation Analyst Compensation (773) 702-6945


Wilson, Nita Human Resources Business Partner / ITS Human Resources (773) 702-8712 etidwell1@uchicago.edu