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101 - The University of Chicago Human Resources Policy Guidelines

Subject: The University of Chicago Human Resources Policy Guidelines

Section: U101

Date: July, 2013


To introduce the Human Resources Policy Guidelines and their intent.


Human Resources (HR) will maintain the Human Resources Policy Guidelines Web pages as a reference to use in carrying out day-to-day administrative functions and in directing the University's staff employees. The Human Resources Policies may be viewed online.


  1. Human Resources Policies Web pages comprise personnel policies having general application throughout the University.
  2. A policy is a guideline to follow which gives consistency to decisions, while still allowing situation-appropriate decisions to be made.
  3. These guidelines should not be construed to conflict with any current University labor agreements. Labor agreements supersede any conflicting guidelines for their bargaining unit members. Human Resources Policy Guidelines apply to staff employees in the absence of contract provisions.
  4. Although Human Resources Policy Guidelines are regularly reviewed and updated, the guidelines should not be construed to conflict with any current laws or regulations governing employment.
  5. The Human Resources Policy Guidelines remain the property of the University of Chicago.
  6. As used in this context, "supervisor" means an individual with the authority to assign, direct, and review the work and conduct of others.
  7. The Human Resources Policy Guidelines should be shown to any staff employee upon request. Assistance in accessing the guidelines online may be arranged by contacting Human Resources.

Employees represented by a bargaining unit may be governed by the appropriate bargaining unit agreement.