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1002 - Staff Employee Recognition

Subject: Staff Employee Recognition

Section: U1002

Date: February, 2019


To recognize and honor active benefits-eligible staff employees for their years of service to the University of Chicago.


In recognition of their contributions to the University, active benefits-eligible (union and non-union) staff employees are eligible to receive awards for their service at the University of Chicago.

Service Recognition and Ceremony Details:


Service Recognition awards are presented to benefits-eligible (union and non-union) staff employees recognizing years of service as follows:

Staff Recognition Table

  1. University Central HR identifies staff employees in the current fiscal and calendar year who will reach a service milestone and service pin based on their benefits-eligible anniversary date. This information will be communicated and provided to unit administrators annually.
  2. University Central HR will place an order for all service pins needed for the calendar year based on the reports distributed to unit administrators.
  3. Unit administrators are responsible for making arrangements with Central HR to obtain service pins to align with the department's framework for distributing pins to staff employees. 
  4. The University hosts the annual AWC Staff Service Recognition Ceremony to honor staff employees who celebrated a service milestone of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and so on  in 5 year increments within the current fiscal year.
  5. Unless an employee’s service has been bridged, years of benefits-eligible service must be continuous to receive service recognition. [See Policy U205 Re-employment of University Employees.] If a staff employee has a break in service for any period of time, the years worked prior to the break are not eligible for award purposes.
  6. A staff employee who loses his/her award and wishes to have it replaced may contact Central HR. The staff member is responsible for replacement costs. 

Key Definitions:

Term Definition 
Service Milestone Staff employees who reach milestones by the end of the fiscal year, will receive an invitation to attend and be recognized at the annual Alice W. Chandler Staff Service Recognition Ceremony (AWC). Service milestones of 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 (continuing in 5-year increments) will be recognized.
Service Pin All staff employees who reach 5 years of continuous service within the calendar year, will receive a service pin. Pins will be issued in 5-year increments beginning with completion of the employee's 5th year of service.

Related Information:

Policy U205 Re-employment of University Employees

Key Contacts:

Name Email Extension
Center of Expertise – Employee & Labor Relations elrelations@uchicago.edu 4-7345
Center of Expertise – Benefits benefits@uchicago.edu  2-9634