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1005 - Subpoena of University Records

Subject: Subpoena of Personnel Records

Section: U1005

Date: October 13, 2004


To outline University procedures regarding any subpoena of employee personnel records.


Employee personnel records may be subpoenaed. By law, a recipient of a subpoena must respond to any lawful subpoena when he/she has the knowledge or records requested.


  1. If a subpoena for personnel records is served, contact the Office of Legal Counsel immediately. In such cases, response to the subpoena will be made either by or under the direction of the Office of Legal Counsel.
  2. Human Resources (HR) and the unit will cooperate with the Office of Legal Counsel within the required timeframes.
  3. Any questions regarding the subpoena of personnel records should be directed to the Office of Legal Counsel.

Employees represented by a union may be governed by the appropriate bargaining unit agreement.