Policies & Contracts

505 - Voting

Subject: Voting

Section: U505

Date: April, 2004


To permit staff employees to exercise their right and responsibility to vote in national, state, or municipal elections either on election day or during the designated early voting periods.


Staff employees are expected to vote during their non-working hours. In those situations when a staff employee is unable to vote during non-working hours and also works their regularly scheduled hours, up to three (3) hours off with pay may be allowed to vote.


  1. Permission for paid time off to vote should be requested by a staff employee early enough to permit adjustment in the work schedule, in no case later than two (2) days prior.
  2. A staff employee may be required to show evidence of eligibility to vote, (a current voter registration card) when requesting time off for this purpose.
  3. Time off without pay may be granted to a staff employee wishing to serve as judge, clerk or official watcher, provided that the request is made at least two (2) weeks in advance and is verifiable. 

Employees represented by a bargaining unit may be governed by the appropriate bargaining unit agreement.