Policies & Contracts

517 - Leave of Absence for Active Military Service

Subject: Leave of Absence for Active Military Service

Section: U517

Date: February, 2003


To define the University’s policy on the handling of military reservist employees who are called to active military duty. This policy, with respect to leaves of absence for employees being called up for active military service, applies to all benefits-eligible University employees, both academic and non-academic.


Employees in the Reserve who are called up for active duty will continue to receive their regular pay from the University for the first month on such military leave. In addition, employees will not have the amount of their military pay deducted from the amount paid to them by the University during this time period. After this one-month period ends, all University compensation will cease. However, the employee may utilize accrued vacation and personal days to maintain full salary for a period beyond one month.


  1. Provided the employee continues on active military duty beyond a one-month timeframe, the employee then will go on unpaid leave of absence status. During that leave of absence, the employee may continue participation in the following benefits, without coverage modifications, for up to twenty-four (24) months:

    • Group Life Insurance
    • Long-Term Disability Insurance
    • Tuition Remission

    Employees will be required to continue to make the same monthly employee contributions as other employees in these plans by remitting the required payments monthly to the University.

  2. Employees who are called to military duty and who are currently covered under a University health plan may continue coverage for themselves and their dependents while on military leave. Employees will be required to pay the monthly employee contribution for the first three months of the leave, and the full cost (the University and the employee cost) monthly thereafter.
  3. Two benefits will immediately stop when an employee goes on military leave:
    • Personal Accident Insurance
    • Business Travel Accident Insurance
  4. Time spent in the military will be credited toward vesting requirements in the defined benefit portion of the Retirement Income Plan for Employees (ERIP), provided the employee returns to University employment following completion of active military service. ERIP participants will also be credited with months of participation under the defined benefit formula for time spent in the military, provided the employee returns to University employment following completion of active military service.
  5. Participants in the Contributory Retirement Plan (CRP) and the Supplemental Retirement Program (SRP) are fully vested at all times.
  6. Both University and employee contributions to retirement plans will stop after the paid leave is exhausted. Upon their return to active University employment, employees will be given an opportunity to make the pre-tax contributions they would have made if they had not been on military leave. If they make these contributions, the University will also contribute the amount it would have contributed on their behalf.
  7. Federal law provides that employees returning from active military leave be reinstated to the job they left, as if they had been continuously employed, as long as the employee applies within 90 days after release from active duty.
  8. For further information about this policy, staff employees should contact the Office of Employee/Labor Relations. Academic employees should contact their Dean’s office. Administrators will be immediately informed if any change is made to this policy.

Employees represented by a bargaining unit may be governed by the appropriate bargaining unit agreement.