Policies & Contracts

518 - Military Reserve Training Leave

Subject: Military Reserve Training Leave

Section: U518

Date: July, 2004


To provide guidelines for compensating employees in connection with their reservist and guard obligations.


Regular full-time or part-time staff employees who are in military reserve training are eligible to receive up to fifteen (15) days of University base pay as Paid Military Leave for participating in required military service training, provided that they turn in their military pay, excluding allowances.


  1. A staff employee-reservist who is required to be absent from work must give his or her supervisor as much advance notice as possible. Failure to provide adequate notice may render the employee ineligible for Paid Military Leave.
  2. A staff employee-reservist should furnish his/her supervisor with a copy of his/her military orders.
  3. The University should make reasonable accommodations to permit leaves for military training duty, with due regard to the acute needs of the University.
  4. Any staff employee-reservist whose training period extends beyond three (3) consecutive workweeks, should be placed on unpaid Leave of Absence for any time not covered by vacation, personal holiday time or Paid Military Leave.
  5. A staff employee-reservist’s particular job must be held for his/her return from military training.
  6. A staff employee-reservist who is eligible to use vacation or personal holiday may elect to use accrued vacation to cover military leave time and retain his/her military pay.
  7. To receive University base pay for the first fifteen (15) days of service, a staff employee-reservist should, upon return from training, present to his/her department a statement of reserve earnings for the training period. The employee should submit a check or money order payable to the University of Chicago for the equivalent of his/her military pay, excluding allowances.
  8. Inquiries from the Office of Veterans Re-employment Rights should be referred to HR-Employee/Labor Relations.

Employees represented by a bargaining unit may be governed by the appropriate bargaining unit agreement.