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519 - Monthly Absence Reporting

Subject: Monthly Absence Reporting

Section: U519

Date: July, 2018


To establish procedures for the reporting of absences of exempt staff employees.

Who is governed by this policy:

This policy applies to all exempt staff employees.


Units are required to maintain a record of exempt staff employees’ absences.

Absences for exempt staff employees should be reported on the appropriate time off calendar. The exempt staff employee will report full-day absences and the corresponding absence code for each absence as it occurs. If there were no absences, the employee should submit the report with no absences. Regardless of whether absences were submitted, the supervisor is required to review and approve the monthly report submitted for the employee at the end of each month.

Vacation, sick leave, and personal holiday accrual records for an exempt staff employee may be maintained in hourly increments. Absences of less than one full day, however, are neither to be charged to accumulated time, nor are they to be deducted from pay. Certain leaves may require hour-by-hour tracking for time-tracking purposes only, such as FMLA. (See Policy U522 FMLA.)

Unpaid time off for an exempt employee should be entered into the employee’s monthly report in full day increments only, and will route automatically to Payroll.

The employee can access their leave balances through the time and attendance system, in accordance with the vacation, personal holidays, and sick leave policies. (See Policies U509 Vacation, U511 Personal Holidays, and U512 Sick Leave.)

Roles and Responsibilities:

Governed Party Roles and Responsibilities
Employee The Employee is responsible for following the Supervisor’s time off request procedures and for submitting their monthly absence information. 
Supervisor The Supervisor is responsible for setting time off request procedures, ensuring they are followed, verifying the use of time off is appropriate, and approving the employee’s monthly absence information. 

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