Policies & Contracts

706 - Nursing Mothers in the Workplace

Subject: Nursing Mothers in the Workplace Policy

Section: U706

Date: June, 2011


To provide guidance regarding break time and locations for nursing mothers to express breast milk while in the workplace.


Supervisors, colleagues, and co-workers should be supportive, respectful, and sensitive to an employee’s choice to nurse. The University will provide suitable private locations and reasonable break time for employees to express breast milk. The University prohibits discrimination against and harassment of nursing employees who exercise their rights under this Policy.


  1. An employee who plans to express milk during the workday should discuss her plans with her supervisor or the department/unit Human Resource Administrator (HRA) in advance to allow adequate time to plan and identify a suitable private location.
  2. Reasonable break time will be provided for expressing milk. Employees may use their regular rest and meal break time for this purpose. Employees should discuss scheduling with their supervisors, and supervisors are encouraged to be flexible.
  3. The supervisor or HRA will identify a private room or other suitable location, other than a restroom, in close proximity to the employee’s work area for the employee to express milk. The supervisor or HRA should contact HR – Employee Relations if assistance is needed to identify a suitable private location.
  4. Employees may report any concerns related to this policy to their supervisor, HRA, Human Resources (staff employee related), or the Office of the Provost (faculty or other academic appointee related).

Employees represented by a union may be governed by the appropriate bargaining unit agreement.