Policies & Contracts

Forms, Policies and Guides

In this section, you will find formshuman resources policies, and union contracts. Also in this section are a collection of guides and checklists for new hires, job seekers, and temporary employees.


Forms are available both by category and in a complete A to Z list. 

Human resources Policies

Human Resources policies are organized by category. A policy is a guideline to follow which gives consistency to decisions, while still allowing situation-appropriate decisions to be made. 

Union Contracts

The University of Chicago recognizes, meets, confers and negotiates in good faith with those labor organizations representing clerical, technical, services, trades, law enforcement and Court Theatre employees. These labor agreements define wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment so as to maintain sound labor-management relations.

Collective bargaining agreements are available for reference for the following bargaining units:

Guides & Checklists

Guides are available in the following categories.