Policies & Contracts

402 - Counseling Service/Staff and Faculty Assistance Program

Subject: Counseling Service/Staff and Faculty Assistance Program

Section: U402

Date: July, 2004


To ensure a healthy and productive workforce.


The University has contracted with an Employee Assistance Program provider to assist employees, retirees, and their families with a variety of personal matters, including drug and alcohol abuse, stress, emotional difficulties, bereavement, family/personal concerns, financial counseling, and job-related issues.


  1. An employee may utilize the Staff and Faculty Assistance Program (SFAP) in one of two ways:
    • Self-referral: An employee may seek assistance on his/her own
    • Supervisory and/or management referral: A supervisor may recommend an employee’s participation when attendance, job performance, or work habits are affected by personal matters
  2. A department should consult with the COE-Employee and Labor Relations prior to making a supervisory referral when performance issues manifest, when drug or alcohol use are suspected, or when a last-chance agreement is in place.
  3. A department may contact the Program to provide guidance and assistance to employees when a major event has affected a work unit (e.g. death of a coworker, departmental emergency, etc.).

       Services Provided

  1. The Staff and Faculty Assistance Program (SFAP) is provided by Perspectives Ltd. to assist you and your family members with the challenges of daily living. The program is confidential, available 24/7 and provides the following services:

    • Telephone/in-person counseling: Office on campus with locations throughout Chicagoland and NW Indiana
    • Childcare/eldercare : Information and referrals for providers and related needs
    • Legal/financial: Consultation, identity theft, and emergency legal assistance
    • Convenience: Pet sitters, home cleaning, relocation, fitness and nutrition
    • Web based resources: Mobile friendly self-directed assessments, links, articles
    • Online skill builders: Tutorials covering over 60 topic areas to enhance both personal and professional growth

    Key Features of the SFAP

    Key features include:

    • Employee, Retiree or family members are eligible to use the program
    • No cost for any services Perspectives provides
    • Confidentiality protected by Federal and State laws
    • Information, resources and services for the challenges of daily living

    You may call Perspectives Ltd. at 800-456-6327 to speak with a trained counselor about your needs.

    You have 24-hour access to an online tool (https://www.perspectivesltd.com/) that provides information on a variety of topics. To login you will need:

    Username:  UNI500

    Password:  perspectives

    SFAP WorkLife Online Skill Builders

    Perspectives WorkLife Online provides convenient confidential online access to a vast and continually refreshed library of personal and professional development skill builders. These are 30 to 40 minute tutorials available on demand. Registration through Perspectives website is required so that you can return to your bookmarked page in the future. To review the topics and course descriptions simply visit the Perspectives WorkLife Online Skill Builder section.


    Use of the SFAP is free. If you or a family member need referral services or a treatment program, Perspectives Ltd. will assist you in obtaining the best care as reasonably priced as possible. Any costs incurred by the referral service or treatment program are your responsibility.

    Eligibility to Use SFAP

    You can use the services if you are a(n):

    • Employee
    • Retiree
    • Employee or retiree’s family member


    Confidentiality is an important aspect of the services provided by Perspectives Ltd. Information you discuss with Perspectives Ltd. will not be shared by them, except as may be required by Federal and State laws. No record of your participation will appear in your personnel file. In an instance where the referral is work-related, with you written permission, your supervisor may be told whether you have followed through with your appointment.

Employees represented by a bargaining unit may be governed by the appropriate bargaining unit agreement.