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504 - Jury Duty

Subject: Jury Duty

Section: U504

Date: May 17, 2004


To permit staff employees to meet their civic obligations to serve as jurors, when called.


The University will grant time off to staff employees who are called for jury duty.


  1. A staff employee is responsible for notifying his/her supervisor immediately after receiving a summons to appear for jury duty. A copy of the notice should be given to the supervisor for the department's files.
  2. If the jury does not convene on a staff employee's regularly scheduled workday, the employee is expected to report to work.
  3. The department is responsible for entering the leave as a paid absence for jury duty on the Biweekly Time Card or Monthly Absence Report. This absence does not count as hours worked when computing overtime.
  4. A staff employee may keep the court's compensation and reimbursements for travel expenses.

Employees represented by a bargaining unit may be governed by the appropriate bargaining unit agreement.