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Anderson, Cicely Employee Development & Engagement Specialist Human Resources (773) 834-7345 cicelya@uchicago.edu
Arroyo, Estephany Benefits Specialist Human Resources (773) 834-4661 arroyoe@uchicago.edu
Betts, Rachel Manager, Employe/Labor Relations Employee/Labor Relations (773) 702-4716 rachelbetts@uchicago.edu 
Brown, Andrew Compensation Analyst Compensation (773) 702-6586 andrewbrown@uchicago.edu 
Ciocca, Corinne Manager, Retirement Programs Benefits (773) 702-9357 cmciocca@uchicago.edu 
Desormey, Keith Benefits Specialist Benefits (773) 702-6889 kdesormey@uchicago.edu
Diffay, Mylah Manager, Employee/Labor Relations Employee/Labor Relations (773) 702-3963 mdiffay@uchicago.edu 
Espinoza, Xaviera Senior Benefits Analyst Benefits (773) 702-4026


Evans, Dana Retirement Analyst Benefits (773) 834-4847


Fox, Christina Senior Human Resources Business Partner Human Resources (773) 834-6418


Francis, Morrel Compensation Associate Compensation (773) 834-5294


Frank, Connie Workday Benefits Analyst Benefits (773) 834-0950


Grant-Pinder, Shontay Senior Human Resources Business Partner Human Resources (773) 702-5256


Halm, Nicole Leave Analyst Benefits (773) 702-2017 nicoleh1@uchicago.edu 
Harris, Hayley Chief Human Resources Officer and Vice President of Human Resources Human Resources   Click Here for Centers of Expertise
Hyman, Samantha ELR Specialist Employee/Labor Relations (773) 834-1292 shyman1@uchicago.edu
Izaguirre, Jackie Benefits Specialist Benefits (773) 702-7361 jizaguirre@uchicago.edu
Jones-Bethley, Rhonda Senior Retirement Analyst Benefits (773) 702-5298 rjones@uchicago.edu
Leibsker, Brett Assistant Vice President of HR Employee/Labor Relations (773) 834-2657


Moseberry, Maya Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant Talent Acquisition   talentacquisition@uchicago.edu 
Newell, Nancy Business Administrator Benefits and HR Operations (773) 702-4701 nnewell@uchicago.edu
O'Connell, Sheila Manager, Health and Welfare Benefits (773) 702-2947 soconnell1@uchicago.edu
Odem, Rucker ELR Senior Consultant Employee/Labor Relations (773) 702-2318 rodem@uchicago.edu
Peterson, Ellen Senior Human Resources Business Partner Human Resources   epeterson4@uchicago.edu 
Preciado, Jasmin Compensation and Performance Analyst Compensation & Performance Management (773) 834-5294 jasminpreciado@chicago.edu
Sankey, Marcus Benefits Specialist Benefits (773) 834-2799 marcus@uchicago.edu
Smith, Lindi Manager Compensation & Performance Management (773) 834-3513 lindismith@uchicago.edu
Spring, Heidi Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant Talent Acquisition   talentacquisition@uchicago.edu
Swanigan, Deven ELR Senior Consultant Employee/Labor Relations (773) 834-0137 swanigand@uchicago.edu
Vazquez, Sylvia Supervisor, Health and Welfare Benefits (773) 834-1977


Walls, Elizabeth Executive Director, Health, Welfare and Retirement Benefits (773) 702-9822


Willard, Alexis Senior Compensation Analyst Compensation (773) 702-6945


Wilson, Nita Human Resources Business Partner / ITS Human Resources (773) 702-8712 etidwell1@uchicago.edu