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Acerra, Jenna Junior Compensation Analyst Compensation (773) 834-1842 jacerra@uchicago.edu
Almanza, Sonia Benefits Manager Benefits  (773) 702-2947 salmanza@uchicago.edu
Anderson, Cicely Administrative Assistant Human Resources   cicelya@uchicago.edu
Anderson, Love Senior Recruiter Recruiting (773) 834-4741 loveanderson@uchicago.edu
Babcock, Shauna Talent & Development Senior Consultant Talend and Rewards (773) 834-8718 sbabcock@uchicago.edu
Cain, Sylvia Work Study Coordinator Work Study (773) 795-3916 s-cain@uchicago.edu
Calaway, Marcy Director Strategic Initatives (773) 834-2759 marcycalaway@uchicago.edu
Cobb, Corrinn Project Assistant Employee/Labor Relations (773) 834-7753 cobb1@uchicago.edu
Coles, Deborah HR Operations Support Representative HR Operations (773) 795-6893 dcoles@uchicago.edu
Compaan, Lindsay Director Benefits (773) 834-3513 lcompaan@uchicago.edu
Corona, Nicole Senior Compensation Analyst Compensation (773) 834-5294 coronan@uchicago.edu
Ellis, Chantel Talent & Development Specialist Talent and Rewards (773) 834-0581 chantelellis@uchicago.edu
Espinoza, Xaviera Benefits Specialist Benefits (773) 702-4026


Flynn, Frank Manager, Benefits and Leave Administration Benefits (773) 834-4847


Gambhir, Simi Director Change Management (773) 834-8774


Garcia, Maria Assistant Director Benefits (773) 702-9822


Garza, Deborah HR Operations Support Representative HR Operations (773) 795-5046


Gordon, CJ Compensation Analyst Compensation (773)834-3549


Griffin, Stephanie HR Manager HR Operations (773) 834-5187 sgriffin2@uchicago.edu
Gunther, Cathy Records and Adminstration Analyst HR Operations (773) 702-8694 cgunther@uchicago.edu
Harling, Catherine Senior Consultant Employee/Labor Relations (773) 834-0137 charling@uchicago.edu
Harper, Lorie Benefits Specialist Benefits (773) 834-7396 lrobinso@uchicago.edu
Hernandez, Lorena Receptionist Benefits (773)702-4567 hernandezl@uchicago.edu
Hilton, Tayra HR Operations Support Representative HR Operations (773) 702-4567 thilton@uchicago.edu
Iorio, Rich Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Human Resources (773) 702-4488  richiorio@uchicago.edu
Jaros, Susan Benefits Counselor Benefits (773) 834-0950 sjaros@uchicago.edu
Jennings, Lesli Assistant Vice President Talent and Rewards (773) 702-2017 jenningsl@uchicago.edu
Johnson, Jennifer HR Operations Analyst HR Operations    
Jones-Bethley, Rhonda Benefits Analyst, Retirement Plan and Enrollment Benefits (773) 702-5298



Knitter, Mike Assistant Vice President Human Resources (773) 702-2039 mknitter@uchicago.edu
Kogut, Michele Executive Assistant to Rich Iorio Human Resources (773)702-7361 kogutm@uchicago.edu
Kyle, Julia Organization Strategy Consultant Strategic Initiatives (773) 702-8172  juliak@uchicago.edu
Lindner, Barb Employee/Labor Relations Senior Consultant Employee/Labor Relations (773) 702-2318 blindner@uchicago.edu
Marcus, Julie Assistant Vice President Employee/Labor Relations (773) 702-6010


Marines, Sue Talent & Development Senior Manager Talent and Rewards (773) 702-6945


Marshall, Laura Sr. HR Operations Analyst HR Operations  


Martin, Renyia HR Operations Support Representative HR Operations (773) 795-9882


McChristian, Noelle

Records Specialist 

HR Operations (773) 702-8909 nmcchristian@uchicago.edu
McClelland, Mary Work Study Project Assistant Work Study (773) 702-6457 mmclellandm@uchicago.edu
Needham, Paul Receptionist Human Resources (773) 702-0869 pneedham@uchicago.edu
Newell, Nancy Business Administrator Benefits and HR Operations (773) 702-4701 nnewell@uchicago.edu
O'Neal, Markeena HR Operations Support Representative HR Operations (773)834-2164 moneal1@uchicago.edu 
Omerovic, Jasna Financial Analyst Compensation and Benefits (773) 834-0984 omerovicj@uchicago.edu
Percak, Lisa Supervisor HR Operations (773)702-0315 lpercak@uchicago.edu
Richardson, Camesha Benefits Analyst, Leave Programs Benefits (773) 702-8712 crichardson1@uchicago.edu
Roach, Kristan Director Compensation (773) 702-2061 roachk@uchicago.edu
Rubinstein, Jake Director Employee/Labor Relations (773) 834-2657 jakerubinstein@uchicago.edu
Sankey, Marcus Benefits Specialist Benefits (773) 834-2799 marcus@uchicago.edu
Schafer, Erika Assistant Director HR Operations (773) 834-1560 reschafer@uchicago.edu
Torres, Marcy Benefits Specialist Benefits (773)834-4661 torresm@uchicago.edu
Williams, Emily Recruiter Recruitment (773)834-8997 etwilliams@uchicago.edu
Wilson, Jennifer Recruiter Recruitment (773)834-1841 jenniferwilson@uchicago.edu
Wuebker, Karin Senior Consultant Employee/Labor Relations (773) 702-4716 kwuebker@uchicago.edu