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How can I get answers to questions about my benefits if I already looked at the website?

Where can I sign up to have my payroll check automatically deposited into my bank account?

Talent Acquisition

What is the timeframe for jobs to remain posted and open for consideration?

To support strategic hiring efforts and ensure the best talent is identified, we utilize comprehensive search plans in the talent acquisition process. This may result in jobs being posted and open for consideration for up to a six month timeframe.

How do I make updates to my profile or application documents I submitted to the University Job Opportunities Employment site?

We encourage you to preview your online profile, cover letter, resume and additional application documents before confirming your submission. Unfortunately, job application documentation cannot be updated once submitted.

Please note that withdrawing your application from a position will disqualify you from applying to that same position again. In cases where incorrect documents are attached with an application, rather than withdrawing applications, we advise job seekers to provide the correct version at the time of interview.

Can I contact the hiring department or HR-Talent Acquisition to learn more about the job, or my status in the process?

The hiring department does not encourage direct contact at the initial phase of the talent acquisition process. Following a thorough review of the applicant pool, the hiring department or HR-Talent Acquisition will connect with potential applicants on next steps in the process.

How best do I inquire about janitorial or food service positions at the University of Chicago?

The majority of our custodial services are outsourced to ABM. You may apply in person between 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, at the ABM Administrative Office, located at 180 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 1420, Chicago, IL.

If you are interested in a food service position, please contact ARAMARK directly. You may pick up an application between 10:00am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, at ARAMARK's Administrative Office on campus, located at 5640 S. University, Chicago, IL (in the Bartlett Dining Commons).


How can I find more information regarding requesting customized training for our department?

Answer: If you are interested in working with us to develop a course or have customized training needs, please contact Leadership Development via email at leadershipdevelopment@uchicago.edu or by visiting Leadership Development at UChicago.


What happens if I arrive late for training or need to leave the class early?

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for a computer training course, you will not be allowed admittance to the class, and your department will be charged the appropriate penalty. If you leave early, your department will also be charged a penalty for a partial-day absence.

For non-IT training courses, admittance for late-arrivals will be at the discretion of the instructor.

HR Operations

How does an employee get a name change in the payroll system?

The employee needs to submit a copy of their social security card to their human resources department or HR Professional. The HR Administrator will submit a corrected PAF and the copy of the card to Wage and Salary.

How do I find out what my accruals balance is?

If your department uses UChicago Time, you can view your accruals in the system. Otherwise you need to follow-up with your department HR Professional since accruals are not tracked centrally.

Why can't my employee access Workday?

Once the Chicago ID step has been completed in the Hire process in Workday, Workday will email the pre-hire with a link to access the system. To enter Workday, your new hire must have claimed his/her CNet ID, and the integration must have run that connects the CNet login information to the Worker Profile (the integration runs in late morning and twice in the afternoon). For further assistance, please contact the Workday Knowledge Center at 773-702-4433.