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Child Care Referral Program

The University provides a child care referral service for parents at no charge to assist them in evaluating and locating a child care provider that best meets their needs. However, parents are responsible for the full cost of any day care services they ultimately choose.

The Resource and Referral Service is available through Perspectives by calling 1.800.456.6327 or online at Perspectives Ltd.

Before  you call the referral service, you should consider:

  • The hours for which you will need care;
  • The type of childcare you prefer;
  • The location of the caregiver; and
  • How much you can afford to spend

Child Care Resource and Referral Service

You can call Perspectives to speak with a trained child care consultant about your child care needs. The consultant will assist you in evaluating your requirements and locating an appropriate solution by considering options such as:

  • In-home/family/center day care
  • Preschool, before/after school
  • Sick/back-up/weekend child care
  • Tutoring, college planning
  • Adoption
  • Summer camps, programs

Child Care may also be located through the participating providers in the University of Chicago and University of Chicago Hospitals Child Care Initiative.