Military Reserve Training Leave

Key Features

Employees in the Reserve or National Guard who are called for annual training  will be granted a leave of absence with pay for the first 15 days provided you submit your military pay minus allowances to the University.

If your training extends beyond 3 work weeks, you may be placed on a Personal Leave of Absence. If you elect to used accrued time for the extended training period, you will be required to turn in the military pay minus allowances.

How to Apply

Upon receiving notice of required military training, notify your supervisor and the Benefits Analyst - Leave Programs by completing the Leave of Absence Form.

If the leave will extend beyond the first 15 days (3 work weeks) indicate whether you will use accrued vacation and personal time or take the leave unpaid.

Upon return from the training leave, notify the Benefits Analyst - Leave Programs.

Job Reinstatement 

Upon completion of your military training leave, you will be eligible for reinstatement.

Please refer to Personnel Policy 518 Military Reserve Training Leave for eligibility, payment, and usage guidelines.  Employees represented by a union are governed by the applicable collective bargaining agreement.